Monday, December 13, 2010

A Gamer in Need is a Friend Indeed

Hey all, Doc here.

There's two gamers in the Manioba Interlake region looking to find an RPG group or an RPG game night to join. I believe they're willing to travel to Winnipeg or an equal distance in other directions to play.

Head on over to The Weekly Session ( ) and reply to the post there to suggest game days at local gaming shops. If you run a game yourself and have a couple of open spots but don't want to publicly post your e-mail address, click on one of the contact links there to e-mail me and/or Scipio with the details and we'll get you in contact with them.

Post a story below of a time you had it rough trying to find a group to play RPGs with, then go over to The Weekly Session ( ) and share the weave to help these guys find a game! :)

As always, STW!

Kevin "Doc" Wilson