Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Things I never thought I'd text to my wife:

1. Tell Brooke that she needs to scoop princess' litter box every day. Buddy eats cat poop like they're dog treats.

2. I should sell that on the web site. "Shared Weave Shit Snacks". I could have different flavours... persian, calico, and tangy tabby!

3. Why did I find 2 pairs of Mikey's underwear in the woodshed?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hi all! I'm preparing to launch The page is still under development, but it will be launching in a couple months. It will have the Shared Weave Games store, the Over da' Boards manga web comic, some cool video, and of course... this blog.

I hope to see you at the site, but if you feel like talking or want to ask some questions, feel free to comment here, tweet me (@docdraconis) or circle me on Google+ (Doc Wilson). There will be a Facebook page soon for Shared Weave Games and Over da' Boards, but not quite yet.

Talk to you soon. :)