Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas, ala Facebook updates.

Yesterday at 2:50pm ·  Kevin Wilson I gave my sons dart guns for X-mas against my wife's better judgement. They both shot me. She laughed.

Yesterday at 2:59pm · Kevin Wilson Did I mention that the boys laughed too?

Yesterday at 3:50pm · Kevin Wilson My daughter Brooke looked like she was going to stand up for me... but then she went back to playing her new DS game.

Yesterday at 4:07pm · Kevin Wilson There's a lot of people liking this post. You're all sadists.

Yesterday at 4:28pm · Kevin Wilson At least I'm not seeing any members of my family liking this post. Yet.

Yesterday at 4:29pm · Kevin Wilson It's because they've borrowed the guns, and now THEY'RE shooting me.