Monday, January 7, 2013

For fuck's sake internet...

Took me a bit to put these thoughts into words. I was mad. REALLY mad at something I read recently. 

I'm generally pretty good about avoiding the bullshit on the internet (avoid the comments... fer chrissake avoid the comments), but sometimes it invades your space. One of my favourite web-comic writers and game artists, John Kovalic, was trolled on Facebook by some asshat for being mad at a teenager that broke multiple driving laws and slammed into his wife's minivan (with his wife and child inside), and started to, but was talked out of, fleeing the scene.

I never would have expected someone would:
A. Troll a genuinely good guy like John Kovalic.
B. Troll ANYONE at a time like that
C. Troll ANYONE at a time like that for THAT REASON.

Speaking as a husband and father who also watched his wife's car get destroyed with his wife and child inside, I can not only empathize with John, I can honestly sympathize with the way he felt at that moment. I can also say I know the rage he felt when he found out that it was an irresponsible, narcissistic asshole whose choice to break the law (the driver that hit my wife's car was drunk, and DID flee the scene) caused the accident.

John, feeling the way you do about the incident is normal. Healthy. Human. What's not is that ass-jack (who I'm not going to name because I don't want any site he may own getting views), and people like him.