Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sarcoid Wars: Battle of the Brawn, Day 1

The Sarcoid came out of remission, making a night raid on the Allies' front line at the ruin of Lungston. Simultaneously, The Sarcoid  launched a brutal surprise blitzkrieg on Heartland, gaining a foothold halfway though the Muscle Escarpment and inflicting substantial damage on the region. Gains made by the Allies on Spleen Beach and Liver Ridge were lost, on what was thought before the 'Krieg to be strategically unimportant ground.

This is day 1 of the Allies' counterattack.

The Allies launched their offensive after enlisting the aid of the fabled Prednisonian Guard. The Sarcoid sent in their allies, the infamous Diabetesian Mercenaries to meet them. Even though the allies took nearly zero carbs and sugar, the battle wasn't going well. The Blood Glucose Line shot up the Escarpment to 6.8 anyway. There were also troubling reports that the capricious and opportunistic Lupus Empire may be making a pact with The Sarcoid, and joining battle against the allies.

The Allies set out from the smoking ruin of Lungston, and marched/charged for a kilometer to hit the Diabetesians in their flank... the Lungston standard flying. Before the Allies were even able to meet the Diabetesians in battle, The Sarcoid's mines and artillery pounded them all along Muscle Escarpment; shrapnel slashing along the embattled Allied ranks. Meanwhile, the enemy stabbed at the beleaguered resistance in Heartland, but the Allies made it to the Diebetesian flank.

The Lungston standard was shredded, rattling in the wind. The allies were still hurting and exhausted, but with a defiant "Fuck you!", they lifted the weight of their packs and began to fight the Diabetesians. Their strength, much diminished by The Sarcoid's initial blitz, wasn't able to hold out for as long as they could have, once upon a time. They were forced to fall back to a defensive position, lest the battle cost so much that they wouldn't be able to hold their ground tomorrow.

The troops felt surprisingly good after the battle, and couldn't wait for the intelligence reports to come in. When the reports finally came in, they showed that at the end of this first engagement, the Diabetesians' Blood Glucose Line was now...